Enterprise Solutions

Solutions for everyone "needs work"

Enterprise Solutions powered by Proxy offers companies the opportunity to unlock new, or bring added support to, any and all financial services. Proxy does this by either directly partnering with or white labeling its entire platform for its partners. We offer this via an a la carte menu of services. This enables partners to customize the way they leverage our brilliant technology and processes to maximize their outcome.

Broker Deal Services

Proxy has customized its platform so as to partner with Broker Dealers based on their industry specialty. Whether your goal is to sell new products, source capital or holistically manage a public fund offering, Proxy has the right licenses (Series 7, 6, 63, 66 and 24) and partnerships in place to keep your business on point.

RIA Platform Integrations

Proxy’s Wealth Management RIA platform represents an accumulation of the best possible custodian partnerships and ongoing fund management resources available in the industry today. Whether you are an accounting and legal firm offering outside services or you are an existing Wealth Manager in need of a solution to grow and scale your practice, Proxy is ready and capable of empowering you to be a better Wealth Manager.

Institutional Consulting

Proxy has a history of working along side of new and existing companies, holistically, to help enable them to more effectively build and launch their financial services firm. Proxy does not hide its process, but instead wishes to help empower as many institutions as possible. We have the playbook and the process needed to be not just immediately competitive, but great for many years to come.


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