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The Proxy GROWTH portfolio is our most aggressive portfolio. This portfolio is an actively managed stock portfolio, unconstrained by geographic region, market capitalization and equity sector. The portfolio is concentrated in approximately 30-40 individual equities that meets the portfolio manager's criteria for high growth potential based on present market valuations. The portfolio seeks to maximize capital appreciation & should only be considered by investors with a high-risk investment profile.

Dividend Income

The Proxy DIVIDEND INCOME portfolio is designed to be a cash flow driven portfolio, with a targeted yield of at least 2x that of the S&P 500 index. Dividends from equity investments have been a large component of total return over time. The objective is twofold. Dividend Income, achieved from the cash flow paid out from the stock investments & Capital Appreciation, achieved by the increase in price of the stock holdings. Each of the portfolio’s holdings will have to pay a dividend. The portfolio manager selects fundamentally solid business from the value school of investing. This portfolio should be considered by investors with a high or moderate risk investment profile.

Global Equity

The Proxy GLOBAL EQUITY portfolio offers more global diversification delivered via a tactically managed investment strategy. The intention of the fund is to maximize risk-adjusted returns by uniquely identifying investments that exhibit relative value and positive momentum. The portfolio manager will gain exposure to various geographic regions, market capitalizations and equity sectors using a combination of carefully selected exchange traded funds (ETFs). This portfolio should be considered by investors with a high-risk profile.

Core Fixed Income

The Proxy CORE FIXED INCOME portfolio is our most conservative portfolio. Its investment objective is principal protection. The portfolio manager constructs this portfolio considering the risks & market analysis of the fixed income (bond) markets. The investments in this portfolio are made using exchange traded funds (ETFs) designed to gain passive exposure to certain areas and sectors of the fixed income markets. This portfolio should be considered by investors with a moderate or conservative risk profile.

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