GLOBAL EQUITY: An unconstrained tactical approach towards global investments

The Proxy GLOBAL EQUITY model offers more global diversification delivered via a tactically managed investment strategy. The intention of the fund is to maximize risk-adjusted returns by uniquely identifying investments that exhibit relative value and positive momentum. The portfolio manager will gain exposure to various geographic regions, market capitalizations and equity sectors using a combination of carefully selected exchange traded funds (ETFs). This portfolio should be considered by investors with a high-risk profile.


Where is GLOBAL EQUITY a good fit?

The GLOBAL EQUITY fund is designed for investors who:

Diverse Global Equity, broad market exposure through select ETFs.

Portfolio Manager will make tactical investments, while maintaining a balanced portfolio.

Seeking capital appreciation, with a high risk tolerance.


Geographic Breakdown

1 %
Domestic / North America
1 %
Developed International
1 %
International Emerging Market


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A portfolio managed by our GLOBAL EQUITY fund model may be an excellent addition to your overall investment strategy. Before investing, it is always a good idea to check with your financial advisor to be sure that every decision you make for your financial future is the best it can be.

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