Proxy Insurance

The Power of Limitless Access

Proxy Strategic Partners empowers insurance professionals by providing access to its client centric general agency that is focused solely on enabling its Agents and Agencies to create inspired businesses, free of traditional industry restriction, that are ready to flourish in the 21st century.

Life Insurance, Disability & Annuities

Proxy’s Insurance General Agency has built an incredibly usable and fully integrated sales and service platform. On the sales side we have partnered with over 14 product companies to provide multiple solutions for every client need. To serve our client and our business, the platform has created a best in class technology suite to ensure clean and scalable operational processes.

Variable & Broker Dealer Products

For Advisors and teams that offer variable and broker dealer based products, Proxy has you covered. Offering comprehensive business architecture and cross platform compliance and service integrations, Proxy’s agency platfrom enables its partners to better service, scale and inevitably grow their practice while focusing on the most importnat thing, the cleint.

Health Insurance & Group Benefits

Proxy has a long standing history of providing large and small businesses alike truly comprehensive benefits and financial consulting services. At the foundation of that business is a mastery of Group health and other insurance benefits. With a plethora of change making institutional partners available to us, Proxy is able to help stakeholders created unique benefits solutions that almost always improve the experience of the participant AND the bottom line of the provider.

Current Agencies:


Imagine centers its services around creating custom strategies, tailored for the unique needs of each of our clients. Whether personal or in business, the peace-of-mind of our clients is our greatest priority – both now and in the future. 


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