Proxy Technology

The Power of Reliable Information

Proxy Technology empowers shareholders in financial transactions by providing secure access to information, accountability, and transparency by using a uniquely architected platform. Our technology was designed with client solutions and security at heart, to deliver peace-of-mind during financial transactions.


Proxy’s proprietary system of smart contracts and blockchain ledgers allows users full transparency on when and how actions occur in a financial transaction. Tracking and organizing these actions give users real time, simple and believable data via an intuitive dashboard.


Proxy is building a blockchain of things ecosystem with a multitude of user applications ranging from real estate development, private equity fund management, asset management, cross-currency transactions and philanthropy all powered by and designed for blockchain. Proxy’s platform is adaptive. It can create an entire transaction on blockchain from initial ideation to disposition, or it can absorb onto blockchain an existing transaction in traditional form.

Trade Proxy

Coming Summer 2021!

Current Projects

Real Estate Development, Lifecycle Tracking

Municipal Bond, Monitoring & Administration

Securities Lending, Facilitation & Institutional Integration


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