Proxy Capital

Invest in the Future.

Proxy Capital provides access to premium Private Equity & Alternative Asset investments. With rigorous vetting, deal structuring, and active management, we aim to create value and grow wealth for our partners and investors alike.

Private Debt & Equity Services

Private investment can unlock incredible and unique potential, but requires many specific expertise’s to successfully execute. To help, Proxy offers: deal consulting services for investors, deal architecture services for General Partners and monitoring & administration, broker dealer, client relationship management, and marketing & compliance oversight for back offices. Wherever you stand in a deal, Proxy can be there to ensure excellence in execution and fiduciary responsibility every time.

Broker Deal Services

Proxy has customized its platform so as to partner with Broker Dealers based on their industry specialty. Whether your goal is to sell new products, source capital or holistically manage a public fund offering, Proxy has the right licenses (Series 7, 6, 63, 66 and 24) and partnerships in place to keep your business on point.

Real Estate Funds & ESG Investments

Proxy has spent nearly half a decade creating relationships with some of the best minds in the alternative real estate and ESG investment space. With this experience, and over a decade in the industry with over USD 3 billion in private transactions, we believe there is a lack of both access and transparency into these investments. This makes it difficult for many investors to participate. This barrier, coupled with the increasing utility of such investments, has led Proxy to create our ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENT MENU, a short list of cultivated programs that we believe investors should be looking to when seeking non traditional investment strategies.


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